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    SNJYJ(rolling machine)

    The rolling machine is divided into two parts: mechanical and hydraulic. The mechanical rolling machine is a type of high quality and high efficiency machine that rolls carbon steel, stainless steel and yellow metal profile(angle steel, strip steel, channel steel, tube and so on) into a round with diameter &phi, 320-&phi, 6000mm. It has the advantages of unique structure, small volume, low energy consumption, high efficiency, no noise installation, convenient operation, simple operation, strong bearing capacity, long life, fast reel speed and reliable product quality. Hydraulic rolling machine is an upgrading of mechanical rolling machine products, increased the thickness and width of the roll round, able to complete the task that mechanical rolling machine can't scroll plate, instead of the complex process that original plate blanking, butt, correction and lathe processing and so on, and save the oxygen, acetylene, labor, raw materials, etc. It is an advanced matrix manufacturing flange.
    This product is widely used in machinery and equipment industry such as fan, bridge template, chemical equipment, cable frame, mine explosion-proof switch, centrifuge and so on. It is also suitable for foreign processing. The profit is rich.
    Mechanical type: cold bending coiling machine for F6 profile
    Hydraulic type: F7 full hydraulic flange roll forming machine
    Structure and working principle:
    The equipment mainly consists of main engine, hydraulic station and electric control cabinet. The high-pressure oil output from the electric oil pump is sent into the working oil cylinder or motor through the high-pressure oil pipe, the high pressure oil pushes the piston in the working cylinder or the motor, resulting in thrust and torque, and bending the profile through the die part.
    Performance description:
    Different profiles are rolled, the rolling speed is fast and the efficiency is high.
    Flange forming effect is good, high efficiency! Fast speed! You can roll it into a spring! Saving the former technology including manual cutting welding and forging!
    Installation, use and maintenance:
    1. Install on a hard base to keep the equipment stable.
    2. Strictly observe the rules and regulations and safe operating procedures.
    3. Operators should understand and master the structure and working principles of the equipment and maintain checkpoints.
    4. Master the method and order of starting and stopping (operating according to the instructions of the use of electromagnetic speed-regulating motor).
    5. The reducer should be lubricated before the machine is opened.
    6. If it needs to be reversed while the equipment is operating, the speed-control switch should be reset first, then stop for 1 minute before starting.
    7. When the passive wheel is fed, the fastening bolt should be loosened first, and then the round nut should be tightened and fixed after the scale is reached; The bolts (4-M30) on both sides of the passive wheel are tightened and fixed. Every time a passive wheel is fed, the workpiece must be completely withdrawn and then fed.
    8. In the process of use, the dregs in the pressure wheel and on the surface of the worktable should be cleaned in time.
    9. The power supply for this machine is three items and four lines.