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    Organizational structureorganizational structure
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    Responsibility of the general manager:
    responsible for the planning and operation of the whole company
    Deputy general manager responsibility:
    responsible for assisting the general manager to manage the operation of the company
    Responsibility of the administration department:
    responsible for the company's publicity and the advertising planning of the whole company
    Personnel department responsibilities:
    responsible for personnel recruitment and personnel transfer arrangement.
    Responsibility of the finance department:
    responsible for the company's financial expenditure, settlement, tax, annual inspection, etc.
    Responsibility of the technology department:
    responsible for the improvement and innovation of the company's engineering technology
    Responsibility of the engineering department:
    responsible for the installation, construction and maintenance of the project
    Responsibility of the purchasing department:
    responsible for the purchase of supplies required on the company's project
    Responsibility of the production department:
    to ensure the normal supply of the materials needed for the project
    Sales department responsibilities:
    responsible for the expansion of external business, and guarantee the engineering department to do the work
    Responsibilities of after-sales service department:
    responsible for the daily work of the company and ensure logistics support